"...when you wear your shirt you better have some resumes on hand..."  
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The cover letter text is large Times New Roman so it's easy to read. Keep it brief. Remember people won't read it if it's too long!
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Once you get your shirt get out there and hit the pavement! All you have to do is go about your daily life and you will get results. When you least expect it someone will say something. I was in the bathroom of a Wal Mart washing my hands when this guy said "Cool shirt, it's not up to me but my company is always looking for I.T. guys. Send your resume to our H.R. department at ....". Chances are he told his co-workers or mentioned it to the H.R. person! Wearing the shirt will say something about your personality and people will find your innovative approach "clever" and perhaps even impressive.

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The shirt costs $25 (plus $3 shipping). Add three bucks if outside the continental United States. Upon submission of this form you will be directed to PayPals secure site where you can use your PayPal account or any major credit card.

Your cover letter should be one short paragraph not exceeding 500 characters including spaces. I invite you to paste an encyclopedia into the field but it will be truncated. Keep it brief! People won't read it if it's too long! Carriage returns (blank lines) will also be removed. Write it as though you were submitting it formally yet generic enough that all your bases are covered. I suggest a brief description of your skills and what kind of position you are looking for. Any misspellings or grammatical errors WILL BE ON YOUR SHIRT so be careful to proof read it. I recommend doing it in a word processor like Word and utilizing it's spell check and word count tools then copy and paste into the cover letter field. While I probably won't, I reserve to the right to refuse submissions for whatever reason.

  *Shirts shipped outside the continental United States are $31USD
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