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The Story

Without going into all the uninteresting details I found myself unemployed. "No big deal" I thought. "I'm a pretty smart guy with some pretty marketable skills so finding a new job shouldn't be a problem" I told myself. I got on all the big job boards, feverishly scanned help wanted ads in the classifieds, hooked up with employment agencies, called all my contacts and considered moving. I even opened up the Yellow Pages, started with the "A"s and sent resumes to every listing that had an e-mail address or web site. I couldn't help but feel like my resume submissions were getting lost in stacks of other applicants and getting "filed" without ever being read. It was totally freaking frustrating and I thought "I need a job! If I could just get some face time".

I was walking around downtown one day and realized that everywhere I looked there was someone who was either hiring or knew of someone who was and they might even be looking for someone exactly like me. So I started thinking about printing a stack of resumes and handing them out like flyers to passers by or putting them on wind shields. Pretty shameless I agree and I'd probably have to change my phone number after that. Also no guarantee people would even read it.

The Idea

Straight up, no bones about it, no way to dispute it, if they can read People WILL Read What's On Your Shirt! Put something about yourself on your shirt and not only will they read it they will strain to see it. They will position themselves for a better look. Stand in line at a fast food joint and at any given moment someone will be checking it out. I'm telling you people can't help it. With a brief description of your skills and what you're looking for (a cover letter basically) on your shirt you will be getting interviewed constantly in the minds of people who read it! If they happen to know of something that might be a match it will occur to them to say something! Damn I Need A Job - Shirts That Get You Noticed!!! This is the original resume shirt available since 2005. Also available is the black shirt with static text that is just as cool and compelling! Click on the shirts on the right to order!

"Hey man, I'm walking around with my resume on my shirt and I need a job!!"

Ok, I'm going to throw this idea out there for the serious and adventurous job seeker. Call the news and let them know what you're doing. Tell them you're walking around with your resume on your shirt. Tell them "I need a job"! I DID!!!. Granted when I did it was an attempt to get some exposure for this site but the News station thought it was much more interesting to spin it as a story about a guy who "wears his credentials like a badge of courage" and not so much about this site . It did generate a lot of traffic for this site but that's not the best part. A lady, home sick from work, was watching the noon news when my story aired. She saw it and called the I.T. manager of the company she worked for who she knew was looking for someone like me. Call it Karma or whatever you like but things fell into place and I landed a great job. That was in mid 2005 when all that went down. You may not have this site to promote but I bet if you try you might get some press as a human interest story. Call them and tell them you are walking around with your resume on your shirt. GO TO ANY LENGTHS TO GET NOTICED!!!!!!

Fast Forward To Today

This site was part of my “go to any lengths to get noticed” approach to job searching. Turns out it worked and I landed a sweet gig back in 2005 and have been there ever since. I had a blast maintaining this site even after that. DamnIneedAjob.com went through many iterations and I was always trying new things. At one point I explored video resumes and received several submissions. There was a forum that got quite a bit of traffic. Eventually though the shirts got too expensive to make. I mean I had to sell them for like $30 just to cover costs and what job seeker wants to pay $30 on a T-Shirt? So, I retired the shirts and offered instructions on how to make your own. I could probably resurrect the shirt and find a better vendor but I think I am just as happy leaving this page up as a memorial. Hopefully folks will still stumble upon it get some inspiration from it which was the original underlying message to begin with. Good luck everybody! Share it on your social media of choice and/or email me with any comments. ~Larry